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Latex Balloons and the Environment

Latex Balloons and the Environment

Balloons bring a great deal of colour, fun and excitement to the world.
Latex Balloons are 100% biodegradable.
90% of balloons are used indoors.
Latex production has a positive environmental impact on the world by helping
combat climate change.
Latex production provides employment and income for some of the most
impoverished people in the world.
The Balloon industry provides employment for tens of thousands of people in
Australia and hundreds of thousands around the world.
Although latex balloons are biodegradable, releasing balloons into the
atmosphere could be classed as littering and should not be condoned.
Don’t release balloons into the atmosphere. Balloons themselves are fantastic
and do have a positive environmental footprint. Latex balloons are not plastic
and are biodegradable, but just like anything we use on a daily basis, they
should be disposed of properly.

2 thoughts on “Latex Balloons and the Environment

Lisa HillsPosted on  3:52 am - Nov 5, 2017

Most things are 100% biodegradable aren’t they ? for example a plastic bag may biodegrade 100% over a 2 years but this doesn’t mean its good for the environment. If its not 100% organic material then its not good for the environment .

    adminPosted on  6:58 am - Nov 27, 2017

    Hi Lisa, Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, most things we humans do have some negative impact on the environment, even if it driving a car. That doesn’t mean we ban cars. It should mean we develop electric cars powered by renewable energy. However, the manufacture of wind and tide turbines and solar panels has some negative impact on our environment. Where do we stop? PEBA is looking at practical solutions. We will be contacting every Local Council and State Member of Parliament voicing our opposition to balloon releases, but very strongly promoting the correct disposal of balloons and the positive effect on global warming through the maintenance and planting of rubber trees. The positive economic effect of the maintenance of rubber trees on many indigenous groups around the world is also a very important plus. Recently, I was very happy to see David Attenborough, in conjunction with Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family, promoting the concept of a “Canopy of Trees” around the world to help with Global Warming”. Our view is, that because latex balloons are biodegradable that they don’t have a compounding effect on the environment like single use plastics. I’m sure you have would seen the projected figures on the compounding effects of single use plastics by the year 2050? Lisa, I have no doubt that we will never agree on all matters, balloons, but value your input and look forward to, hopefully, working towards some common goals.
    Thanks and kindest regards,
    Brian Gray

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