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Member's Commitment

Members of PEBA commit to the following:
  1. No Balloon Releases
    Members of PEBA do not support, or condone, nor will they facilitate the deliberate release of balloons.

  2. Responsible Use and Disposal of Balloons 
    Members will follow environmentally responsible practices regarding the uses and disposal of all balloons as per PEBA recommendations.

  3. Education
    PEBA members will continue to educate the general public, clients and venue managers on the importance of not releasing balloons into the environment and correct use and disposal.

  4. Awareness
    Members are requested, where possible, to include a link to PEBA on their website, invoices or email signature to help raise awareness.

  5. Community
    Members are asked to notify PEBA if they become aware of any environmental issue, pertaining to balloons, or are having any difficulties dealing with anyone in regards to environmental issues.

  6. Professional Conduct
    PEBA values professional communication with all stakeholders including our members, the public, environmental groups, the media, legislators and each other. To
     ensure that our values are maintained, disrespectful or disparaging remarks are not condoned.

  7. Formal Representation of PEBA
    Please refer media enquiries and requests for quotes and statements to a member of the PEBA Admin Team. 

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